Hours of Operation  
                             Monday.......by Appointment

                             Wednesday.8:30- 3:30
                             Thursday.....9:30- 6:00
                             Friday.........8:30- 6:00
                             Saturday.....7:00- 5:00
                             Sunday........by Appointment
Returns  No Refunds for Services rendered.

Any Concerns with any service must be conveyed within 72 hours . After 72 hours, any additional services will be provided according to  current pricing structure.
Check Policy

I accept personal checks.  There will be a 30 dollar fee for returned checks. Failure to rectify a returned check will and may result in legal action.
Cell Phones and Children
Many of my clients are business workers and I have total respect for that.  Please keep cell phone use at a minimum.  As a courtesy to other guests please try to make arrangements for children under the age of 6.  I try to make sure that those wishing to relax are given that opportunity.
No Shows
I try to respect everyones time, I'm human If you have 3 noshows within a 6 month period,  it may result in future appointments bieng refused. I will enforce this at my discretion.
Late Arrivals
I understand that Emergencies do happen, and I have had a great history of catering greatly to those that respect my time.I do have the right to reschedule late appointments if they cannot be worked into any time slots available.   Guests arriving 20 minutes late are subject to rescheduling. A simple phone call may almost always fix any problems but I cant always gaurantee it.
Cancellation Policy
A minimum of Two hours must be given for cancellation of an appointment.  .If you do not cancel an appointment it will be considered a no show.
Tranquility is located at 2020 Post Oak Blvd near the Galleria.  Located directly across the street from Maggianos Italian Restaraunt and Norris of Houston Day Spa.  Conveniently located bewtween SanFelipe and Westhiemer below the 3  tall Suez canal office buildings.